Naples Architect Design Process To Create Your Dream Home

Now that you have considered building a new home or an addition to your existing home, and have pulled up my website, chances are you have begun the process of working with a Naples architect such as myself. So, let’s get started by briefly outlining the steps as you work with me, your architect during the process of the designing your dream home or addition. It is most important that you select an architect that you feel comfortable working with.


Step One

Once you have selected your architect in Naples FL and have arranged for your first meeting, the actual design process is underway. If you are working with me, first, I will ask you many questions about your dream home. You should already have several ideas of what you want. For example:

  • How big will your home be? How many rooms do you need, and what size shall they be?
  • Will the home be one or two stories?
  • How many cars do you intend to park in the garage?
  • What should the house look like? Will it be Mediterranean, Caribbean, Modern, Colonial, Old Florida, Pueblo Revival, Etc.?
  • I will ask you for a copy of your site survey and elevation certificate.
  • Also, let me know of any deed or sub-division restrictions and requirements. Pictures and plan sketches are also helpful. Do not use copyrighted material.
  • Do you want a swimming pool? How about an outdoor kitchen? Maybe a gazebo, trellis, and/or cabana is on your gotta have list.
  • What about the views?
  • Don’t forget the importance of the front entry.

At this meeting we will also discuss other issues such as fees, construction budget, contract, time frames and inclusions to be agreed upon. Of course, I will welcome any questions you may have at this time and any time. Finally, and before I begin preparing preliminary plans, together, we will visit your building site.


Step Two

The first drawings are the Preliminary Schematic Design Concept plans, which help us to determine if we are all on the same page. These are likely to include Floor Plan(s), at least the Front Elevation(s), Area Summary, and the Site Plan. At this point, you the client will review and tweek the design with me, your Naples architect. Maybe you want to add a few items, such as more closets, baths, or change some doors and/or windows. Maybe some room sizes should be changed. Mainly, this is the time to work out the bugs and glitches and get it all cleaned up. If you come up with anymore brainstorms, ideas, changes, must haves, and “Oh one more thing”, now’s the best time to say so!


Step Three

The next step is the preparation of Design Development Drawings. These drawings are the actual beginning of the construction/ permit drawings. I will add major dimensions and notes. Floors Plan(s) become more detailed. All exterior elevations are drawn with notes. You will notice the addition of the Roof Plan, Building Sections, and a Typical Wall Section. Once again we will review these drawings together. More fine-tuning takes place. Once you are comfortable and satisfied, we are able to get preliminary estimates (Not bids, we’re not there yet) from builders. For larger projects, these drawings are now issued to the consulting engineers for structural mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.


Step Four

Now, I, your Naples Architect who is familiar with the local building codes, will substantially complete the Construction/ Permit Drawings. The Floor Plan(s) is/are completely dimensioned with all the notes added. Foundation and Electrical Plans are ready. Door and Window Schedules are present. Building and Wall Sections are Complete. Additional details are added. I will review drawings from consulting engineers and make sure that the architectural drawings are compatible. If you have selected a builder, the builder will consult with the truss designer/manufacturer to obtain a Roof Truss Plan (and Floor Truss Plan for two story projects) and details.


Step Five

Finally, you can expect that I as your Naples Architect will make a another review, add any final notes, and make the necessary adjustments. So now the Construction/ Permit Drawings are signed, dated, and sealed. The drawings are now ready for the home builder/ General Contractor to apply for the Building Permit.

Hold it! We’re not quite done yet. I and/or the consulting engineers may still need to make revisions if the city or county plan reviewers have any comments to be addressed. Once the revision cycle is complete, permit is issued, and everyone is paid, all parties should be good to go. The drawing phases are now finished. Now it’s time to start construction.


Step Six

In some cases I will perform site visits to review the construction process if you request such service. Often these visits address if the work is at a point where a payment draw is ready to be recommended. Sometimes you or the builder just wants the architect (me) to make other recommendations.

Hopefully this process will be an exciting and yes, maybe even a fun adventure regardless of scope of work. Confidence and trust among all of us goes a long way toward as successful and rewarding design process.