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Many opportunities relating to the architectural design process present themselves when the architect works with a client. Your Naples FL architect must carefully think through the many issues, options, and decisions when designing a building or someone’s dream home. Much of the input comes from the local building codes, lot/site, budget, and most importantly, the client’s wishes. A home must be well designed, planned, and drawn, so that it is properly built to the client’s satisfaction and beyond expectations. Florida, especially Naples provides several unique opportunities for the home owner, business owner, and your Naples architect.


The inviting features of the Naples area are numerous. A few of these include:

  • the warm winter weather
  • long stretches of pristine sandy beaches on the gulf
  • the pier
  • laid back atmosphere
  • shopping (Fifth Ave. South, Third Street South, Waterside, Mercato, and Venition Village)
  • houses of worship
  • schools and colleges
  • medical facilities
  • state and municipal parks
  • The Everglades National Park (gators included)
  • art shows
  • galleries
  • culture
  • theatre
  • concerts
  • recreation (golf, fishing, swimming, walking, tennis, boating, and shelling).

Also, Major League baseball comes here to nearby Lee County every February and March for spring training when you can watch the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox. Jet Blue Park even has its own authentic Green Monster. All of these can be enjoyed without the hassles of a large overcrowded urban metropolis.

Hey, we even have a good size airport in Fort Myers. (Southwest Florida International aka RSW) It’s no wonder why so many tourists morph into residents.


Residents who relocate here want to own their own place that they call home. Here in Naples, we have many options to choose from. If one decides to build a new home, renovate, or add to an existing home, there are several architects here in Naples to help. This Naples Architect offers direction on the type, size, room layout, space, site planning, feel, and nuances within your budget on your lot. Need help in choosing a general contractor? I’m happy to help — just give me a call at 239 598-2413.

The local architecture can be quite exciting. Old Florida homes have become popular lately throughout the area. Yours truly, an architect in Naples FL for nearly 30 years , is experienced in designing these type of homes as well as others. The Old Florida home with its clean lines, lanais, sweeping verandas, horizontal siding, texture, metal roofing, openness, casual appearance, and details radiate a vacation feel that makes a home in Naples so special. Any of these homes or any other type may be of modest size, a grand McMansion, or somewhere in between. Ahhh, Imagine sitting on the lanai or verandah, enjoying a drink while visiting friends, neighbors, or relatives or just reading alone.


Of course, there is the potential of hurricanes in Southwest Florida. While it is highly unlikely that we would ever get slammed by a direct hit, we must be fully prepared. This architect in Naples is well aware of not only the building code as it relates to such extreme weather, but also has your concerns in mind. It is essential that the home or business is designed to be well protected. Safety, peace of mind, security, lower insurance premiums, and even energy savings are high priority. After all, this is your dream home!

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A dream home or place of business here in Naples which many call paradise, is not a trivial matter to be taken lightly. Think it through thoroughly! Organize your thoughts wishes, desires, needs, and must haves. Communicate with your professionals including your Naples architect. Make sure your architect is someone you are comfortable with. Renovating, expanding an existing home, or building a new home ought to be an exciting and maybe even fun experience. Enjoy the moment!